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Delays and Added Costs

It isn’t just Callahan’s choice in subcontractors that deserves scrutiny – its own history is fraught with project delays, fines, and lawsuits.

Seven months after the originally scheduled opening, the YMCA in Quincy, MA was finally able to schedule its grand opening [7]. However, according to interviews with YMCA members, the building continues to suffer from a leaking roof, peeling baseboards, standing water, and tiles falling off the swimming pool months after opening.

Callahan’s high school project in Hanover, MA suffered a similar fate, with rampant quality control issues. The concrete was not level, the entire gym had to be resurfaced because of poor work quality, and doors to classrooms had to be reinstalled because the frames were never fastened to the floors. OSHA fines and violations totalled over $40,000 for Callahan and its subcontractors [8]. On the same project in Hanover, the Supreme Judicial Court upheld lower court findings that “Callahan knowingly made false or misleading statements of material fact in the SOQ with the intention of misleading the pre qualification committee [9].” Callahan was then suspended from bidding on public works for one year [10]. If Callahan is willing to lie about its experience, what else is it willing to lie about?

You have the power and the responsiblity to have your project completed on time, on budget, and as safely as possible. Callahan’s track record makes that a gamble.

*While not all of these actions took place on a Callahan-managed jobsite, all are attributable to regular Callahan subcontractors*

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