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Violations Summary


In 2011, Universal Drywall was sued for misclassification of employees as independent contractors, and was forced to pay over $327,000 [1]. Just three years later, Universal is being sued by the Attorney General of MA, again for misclassification of workers [2].


Jason Faria, a 26 year old worker, fell to his death while working for Diaz Construction, which has recently worked for Callahan on projects in Malden, Waltham, and Chelsea [3]. Diaz has also accumulated more than $250,000 in OSHA fines and restitution since 2005, signaling its casual attitude towards worker safety [4].


During the bidding process for a high school in Hanover, MA, the Massachusetts Attorney General concluded that Callahan “knowingly made false or misleading statements of material fact in the [Statement of Qualifications] with the intention of misleading the pre qualification [5].” In response to this, Callahan was barred from bidding on public works for one year [6].

*While not all of these actions took place on a Callahan-managed jobsite, all are attributable to regular Callahan subcontractors*

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