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OSHA visits Callahan project in Quincy

by admin on December 14, 2015

OSHA visited Callahan’s Deco Apartments job at 0 Penn St. in Quincy on Wednesday to investigate Universal Drywall, one of Callahan’s regular subcontractors. Following the inspection, the job shut down and no work was performed on Wednesday. Universal Drywall has a long history of violations and litigation, and is currently under investigation by the Attorney General’s office.

The following day, 50 carpenters protested at the site, citing Universal Drywall’s failure to provide area standard wages and benefits. Despite the history of safety violations on Callahan and Universal Drywall projects, many of the workers on site still do not receive wages and benefits that allow them to support their families.

Inspections, violations, and lawsuits are endemic to many of Callahan’s subcontractors. For more, visit

Callahan Bucket Stilts

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